Weight Loss & Weight Management for Increased Vitality

Do you wish to lose weight so you can feel and look your best? Perhaps you want help with weight management so you can prevent diseases, eliminate pain and become more active again?

With my Food as Medicine nutrition and fitness one-on-one weight loss program, you can!

What to Expect

Food as Medicine utilizes the healing powers of food to lose weight, build a strong immune system and even prevent diseases. It also involves equipping you with knowledge so you can practice mindful eating – I will help you change your mindset and relationship with food to build healthy habits as a lifestyle, find time to cook and feel confident in your choices. My personal accountability will increase your confidence and success with reaching desirable and realistic weight goals.

Effectiveness of my method is backed by the most reliable knowledge about proper nutrition and fitness as a lifestyle, as well as success stories, my own experiences and ongoing studies. 

With my hands-on coaching approach, I will consider your nutritional needs, physical activity and stage of life to personalize a plan for you, which may include:

Strategic Goal Setting

Why Diets Don't Work

Mindset & Habits

Inflammation & Weight Loss

Conquering Cravings

Interpreting Food Labels

Eating Habits

Fueling Your Body

Menu Planning

Portion Control

Exercise Strategies

Stress and Self Care

How it Works

1. Schedule your free call here.

2. We talk about your challenge and desire.

3. I suggest one of my affordable weight loss programs and if ready, our work to get you healthier begins!

Pricing Packages

Weight Loss Kickstart

$ 100
  • Initial Consultation
  • Nutrition + Fitness Evaluation & Strategic Goal Setting (Via Zoom)
  • Monthly Nutrition Sessions (Via Zoom)
  • Monthly Nutrition & Fitness Tips (Via E-mail)
  • Meal Planning for Success
  • Bi-weekly Workout Coaching Sessions (Via Zoom)
  • Nutrition & Strategic Goal Evaluation (Via Zoom)

10-Day Weight Loss Body Detox

$ 199
  • Initial Consultation
  • Understanding What Body Detox is and Why You need it
  • Detoxing Through Food
  • Body & Skin Detoxification
  • Mind & Spirit Cleanse
  • Supplementation Guide
  • Maintenance AFTER Detox
  • 10-Day Grocery List
  • 10-Day Menu & Recipes

Weight Management Revolution

$ 300
  • Initial Consultation
  • Nutrition + Fitness Evaluation & Strategic Goal Setting (Via Zoom)
  • Bi-Weekly Nutrition Assessment Sessions (via Zoom)
  • Bi-Weekly Nutrition/Fitness Tips (via e-mail)
  • Understanding Inflammation to Help You Lose Weight (module topic)
  • Weekly Yoga/workout Sessions (via Zoom)
  • Monthly Nutrition & Strategic Goal Evaluation (via Zoom)
  • Monthly Meal Assessment (via Zoom)
  • Meal Planning for Success (module topic)
  • Mindful Meals Recipe Collection
Weight Loss Kickstarter
Disease & Immunity Transformation

Pricing Packages

Weight Management Revolution

Other Services

Workout Session

Personalized workout session (via zoom).

$50 per hour

Food Pantry Assessment

Healthy food pantry assessment  at your home or virtually.

$60 per hour

Nutrition & Fitness

Nutrition and Fitness assessment at your home or virtually.

$75 per hour

Supermarket Tour

Helping you select healthy food choices and label reading.

$75 per hour​

Before working with Roxana I was 40 pounds overweight, had pain in my knees and felt very tired. I tried the Keto diet for many months until I started experiencing headaches. I went to Roxana at Food as Medicine very skeptical because of the frustration of feeling sick and not losing weight. She helped me understand why diets don’t work. Her positive demeanor and knowledge helped me apply food and exercise as medicine for a healthy weight and overall health.

My health is now stable, I have more energy and I was able to lose those extra 40 pounds in a healthy way and keep it off. This journey has been a learning experience regarding how natural foods can rebuild my body while helping me maintain my weight and age gracefully. 

Roxana’s intention and genuine care has always been to make me feel better! I will recommend Roxana at Food as Medicine to every woman that wants to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Her exercise routine has helped improve my balance, flexibility and alignment, while EATING BETTER. – June 2021

From the first time we meet and throughout our work together, you will have my full attention and compassion. With a weight loss program we personalize for your needs, you will lose weight, feel more alive and thrive with your new knowledge and habits!

*This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease.The information provided by Roxana Vega Cooley at Food as Medicine is for your general knowledge and is not intended to take the place of medical advice or diagnosis from your medical professional.

If you suffer from medical or pathological conditions, please consult with your primary health care provider before making any changes to your diet, supplement routines or other medications.

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